Are you trying to contact us about an animal you have seen listed for adoption?

Please contact the rescue that has posted the animal for adoption. Details should be included in each post.

You should see the name of the rescue currently caring for the animal and hopefully a contact email address, website address, or phone number. If not you can ‘google’ their name and usually find contact info. does not rehome animals – all animals posted on our website are in the care of different rescues around the UK.


Have you checked our FAQ page?

Need to contact us about something else? Make sure you check out our FAQ page first as you may find the answer to your query there.

Still need to contact us?

If you’ve read all of the above and you’re SURE it’s us you need to contact ( :) ), please feel free to post on our forum in the Guest Area (no login is required)

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Animals Needing Homes UK