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Pretty Piper ~ 16 weeks old Lurcher Pup

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Rescue organisation name: Evesham Greyhound and lurcher Rescue
Rescue contact details/website address: www.lurcher.org.uk/
Does the animal have rescue back up?: Yes
Current location:


Number of animals: 1
Type/Breed/Variety: Lurcher
Name(s): Piper
Sex: Female
Age(s): 16 weeks as of 1/05/2017

Neutered: Not at this stage - to young
De-flea'ed: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes

Reason for rehoming:
Temperament: Friendly, lively pup
Medical problems: Came into rescue with Rickets

Has the animal been assessed: Yes
Is transport available: N/A

Other information (optional):

Little Piper is a lurcher aged around 16 weeks she came into Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue suffering from terrible rickets, over the last few weeks he has been receiving good well-balanced meals and plenty of rest. This has made such a difference as Piper's legs are a lot better now and she is at last able to get out and about and enjoy life.

Piper is almost house trained, sleeps happily at night in her crate, Piper is having a 20minute lead walk each day, and will need further training to improve her lead skills and recall. Piper is a friendly and lively pup who loves to meet and greet everyone she sees, she gets on well with her doggy foster brother but she can get over excited this could bother a nervous dog.

We are really pleased with how her legs have responded to the care she has received, but a new family will need to be very careful and mindful that she will need treating carefully until her legs have fully recovered.

For more information please contact Pip on 01386 853971 (Weekdays after 5pm/Weekends anytime or Linda 0121 258 4510 (Weekdays after 4pm until 10pm/Weekends if available)

This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: Pretty Piper ~ 16 weeks old Lurcher Pup.

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