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Poppy, 11-12yrs, female, SBT, Staffordshire area

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Age: 11 - 12
Temperament : Cheeky, chatty, cuddly
Dogs: No
Cats: Believed to be ok with dog savvy cats.
Children: 8 plus

Hello it’s me, Poppy, can you hear me?? I’m a bit deaf so I have to shout at you to make sure you can hear me!!
I just can’t tell you happy I am that SSC are looking after me, cos I got left all on my own for a whole week, cos my ex owner got evicted, she left me behind and told everybody I was dead! I was so frightened and hungry, but I know that SSC will make sure that never happens to me again.
My carers think I’m a very pretty girl and love having cuddles with me.
I’m quite a lively girl for my age, I like my walks, cuddles, playing with toys, oh and did I say lots of cuddles on the sofa, please! I walk very nicely on my lead, so we can have lovely walks together.
I’m not too keen on other dogs, I just want to be the only one so I can be spoilt and have you all to myself.
I’ve just had to have a very nasty operation, cos I had those horrible mammary lumps, but I’m all better now and raring to go!! I’m a very good girl at the vets, but I do like to chat to them as well!
I’m in a foster home at the moment, so I gets lots of those cuddles I love, and lovely walks, and I’m a clean girl in the house cos I know to go the back door and bark when I want to go out.
I’m a very chatty girl and like to have lots of conversations with you, especially in the car! I like going in the car and jump straight in, but then I do lots of ‘Are we there yet’ questions,
Would you like to have lots of cuddles and chats with me?? Please phone my friend Nikki and come and see me
Lots and lots of love
Poppy xxx
Poppy is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
She is currently in foster in Staffordshire, but can be rehomed anywhere in the UK,
pending a successful home visit.
However any adopter should be willing to travel to meet her where she is now.

There is an adoption donation of £90 for Poppy
and all money donated goes directly to helping all the Senior Staffies in our care.

If you think you could offer Poppy a new home please
contact Nikki on 07870 392164 or fill out the Adoption Form. [url] www.seniorstaffyclub.co.uk [url]

This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: Poppy, 11-12yrs, female, SBT, Staffordshire area.

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