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BABY GIRL, mixed breed, adult, small size

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Rescue organisation name: Help and Homes for Cats and Dogs of Mehedinti
Rescue contact details/website address:
Does the animal have rescue back up?: Yes
Current location: Hastings


Number of animals: 1
Type/Breed/Variety: Mixed breed
Name(s): Babygirl
Sex: F
Age(s): approx 3 yo
Colours: Cream

Neutered: yes
De-flea'ed: yes
Wormed: yes
Vaccinated: yes

Reason for rehoming: Babygirl is a foster dog rescued from Romania and awaiting a forever home in the UK
Temperament: Gentle, friendly, trainable
Medical problems: None currently

Has the animal been assessed: yes
Is transport available: yes
Can the group be split (if applicable):

Other information (optional):

Baby Girl is a Romanian rescue, who has arrived some time ago in the UK and lives in a lovely foster family. Baby Girl is a small-sized, middle-aged mixed breed. She is wormed, vaccinated, spayed and has a passport.
Baby Girl is very friendly towards people. When she first came into foster, she was a bit shy, but soon she came out of her shell. Due to her personality, we believe she may be good with children, but she has not had the chance to interact with any so far. If a family with kids would like to adopt her, Baby Girl can be visited and taken for a walk to see how things go.
She lives with 2 dogs at the moment and is doing just fine in a pack. She was put back in her place by the alpha male and understood immediately what he meant. Baby Girl likes the company of other dogs and would have no problems living in a household with existing dogs.
Baby Girl chases cats, but would not hurt them. We would not recommend re homing her with cats unless the owner is experienced with such cases as we would not wish to cause distress to any cat.
Baby Girl does not have very good leash manners, she pulls and wants to sniff everything. A owner with patience to train her on the lead would be fantastic.
Baby Girl experiences some issues regarding toilet training. She does her business in the garden if you catch her in time, but she should not be too difficult to house train with routine and patience. I have a foster dog with similar issues and she is brilliant now in this aspect, with perseverance and plenty of patience.
Baby Girl may appear stubborn at times, but with repetition and constant reminding of good behaviours, she will get used to listening to commands.
Baby Girl has very good meal manners.
All in all, our lovely rescue Baby Girl is not a toy and the new owner cannot expect her to be perfect without putting effort into turning her into a good dog. With the right guidance, she will make wonderful companion for someone who is strong-willed and kind-hearted!
Please feel free to write to me if you are interested in adopting Baby Girl! :) Home check + adoption fee + adoption contract apply.

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This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: BABY GIRL, mixed breed, adult, small size.

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