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Duncan, 8-9 years, male, SBT, Essex

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Age - 8 - 9 yrs
Temperament – Lively and loving
Dogs - Best as only dog in the home
Cats - No
Children - 10 yrs plus

Hi, my name is Duncan.
I am a whirlwind of a boy with oodles of personality.
My foster 'frosty' Mummy says I'm a boy but I know I am a man. My most favourite thing to do is eat, and I am a clever boy who will sit and give paw, especially for a treat.
I love going out in the car, I don't go much on them crate things but put me in a seat belt harness and I'm a very good boy, I just sit and watch the world go by.
I'm a really good boy going to the vets, there are always lots of lovely people that I can give love and kisses to, and I always get a treat for being very well behaved, it's all good fun. I've just had two of my canine teeth out at the vets because they were broken, and even after that I still love going to see them!
I don't think I would like to live with a cat thank-you very much and would probably be best as an only dog so I can have you all to myself, but I am a good boy and sometimes say hello nicely to other dogs out on a walk, if they can put up with my excitable greetings that is! I think due to my excitable and bounciness I would be best to live with children 10+
I have got a bad habit though (we can't all be perfect can we?) I am such a strong boy who has never been taught how to walk on a lead properly so I do tend to pull, but I just know that if you can help me learn how to walk nicely I will have it worked out soon enough. Especially if I get treats when I get it right!
I am also scared of being left alone at home, I worry that no one will come back for me, BUT my frosty is teaching me that it is ok to be left for short times and that I will never be left alone for too long again. I'm getting a good boy with this and if you can carry on helping me with this I will get even better at it.
I just love playing with my frosty family, I have a very favourite game I like to play with my frosty Mummy. She has taught me to play Hide and Seek!! Frosty will go and hide in the house some where and I have to go and find her, it is just so much fun!
Frosty Mummy thinks I haven't had much play and fun before Senior Staffy Club saved me, I didn't know what one of those Kongs were for? Now I do....it has lots of treeeeeats for me to try and get out and I love it and it is so much fun! I am now learning how to catch toys in my mouth, eeeeeeek! It's just so much fun!
If you think I could join your family and have lots of fun and games, please call my friend Sonia.

Lots of love, Duncan xxx

Duncan is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
He is currently in foster in Essex, but can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, pending a successful home visit.

However any adopter should be willing to travel to meet him where he is now.

If you think you could offer Duncan a new home please
contact Sonia on 07954 440155 or fill out the Adoption Form.[url]www.seniorstaffyclub.co.uk [url]

This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: Duncan, 8-9 years, male, SBT, Essex.

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