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Bailey, 7 years, male SBT, East Sussex area

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Age: 7 years
Temperament: Good - but frightened of fireworks and loud noises
Dogs: Yes - has lived with a male staffy
Cats: Yes
Children: 12 years +

Hello, my name is Bailey and Im just 7 years old, and I am looking for a rather specific home, but let me start at the beginning … are you sitting comfortably?

I currently live in a place called Lewes, which actually prides itself on having the loudest
and the most fireworks.
Now this may sound like a really good thing to some people, but I get really really scared when I hear those noises, and they last for so so long, that I really need to find a place where there are very little or no fireworks … does that describe your home?

I don't even mind if you have other pets, I have lived with another staffy, and I get on well with other dogs!
I even live with a cat!
I also like horses my Mum has one so i know horses.
So who wouldn't want me?!

I also like younger humans,
I am very gentle and like to spend time with them, but I think slightly older little people may be best, as noises do worry me - so maybe around 12yrs?

To be honest I don't particularly like any loud noises much.
When the person came from Senior Staffy Club
to visit me in my home, they spoke loudly,
in order to see how I reacted,
and I took myself to bed, because it scared me … so all loud noises bother me really,
but otherwise I am an awesome dog!

I walk well on the lead, and the only time I get rather excitable is if you have a ball
and one of those sticks that throws the ball really far, so I can chase it as fast I can, then I do get rather excitable … but wouldn't you?!

I can be left up to 4 hrs a day.
I know commands like sit, paw and stay,
and I do take my treats gently - you will give me nice treats wont you?- thats on my wishlist for my new people to do!

If you think you could be my new people please ring my personal assistant, Wendy, her number is below, or complete and an Adoption Application form and someone will call you!

I hope we can meet soon!

Loads of Love,

Bailey is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

He is currently still in his home, in the East Sussex area,
but can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, pending a successful home visit.
However any adopter should be willing to travel to meet him where he is now.

If you think you could offer Bailey a new home please call:
Wendy on 07505010823
or fill in the online Adoption Application Form [url] www.seniorstaffyclub.co.uk [url]

This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: Bailey, 7 years, male SBT, East Sussex area.

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