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Shaun, 10 years, male, SBT

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Age: 10
Temperament: excitable and very loving
Dogs: still being tested
Cats: can be tested on request
Children: 12 plus due me being a little excitable at times

My name is Shaun and I am such a gorgeous sweet little fella. I am a small staffie - You know what they say all good things come in small packages!!

I was very sad boy at my old house as I was left for very long periods on my own, then I found myself in a strange place called a pound - I tell you it was really so scary.

Then the lovely people at SSC came and rescued me I was so happy again.

I then went to see the vet person who had to take a few of my teeth out so my mouth feels better now.

Have I told you how much I love attention off humans. It's the best. I love to go out for long walks and I walk really well on my lead. I love looking around at all the new things. i love all the SSC walkers once I got to know them I never wanted to leave me.

I think I would definitely chase the birds if I could haha and maybe the sheep too!

I have not had much experience with toys but I am starting to learn how to play. I love treats especially Auntie Bev's special ones!! But let's keep that between me and you!

I travel ok in the car - I have a chat at first but soon settle down.

I haven't met any cats yet but if you have some please let my Auntie Bev know and she will try and test me out with some to see if I like them. I wouldn't hold my breath though if I was you - given my interest in the bird and sheepies!!

I am very friendly so I think I will be ok with older children, I'm quite bouncy though and wouldn't want to knock them over or hurt them. So I think it's best that I don't live with young children.

If you want anymore information about me please call my Auntie Bev on 07940 788990. I only need a really little sofa so please call soon.

Lots of love
Gorgeous Shaun xxxx
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This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: Shaun, 10 years, male, SBT.

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