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Maddie and Jess

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Rescue organisation name: Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue
Rescue contact details/website address: www.lurcher.org.uk/
Does the animal have rescue back up?: Yes
Current location: Worcestershire


Number of animals: 2
Type/Breed/Variety: Cross breed
Name(s): Maddie and Jess
Sex: Female
Age(s): 14
Colours: Black and white

Neutered: yes
De-flea'ed: yes
Wormed: yes
Vaccinated: yes

Reason for rehoming: Welfare Cases
Temperament: gentle, playful, loving
Medical problems: Maddie has a heart murmur but this is not impacting on her well being

Has the animal been assessed: yes
Is transport available: Not normally but worth asking if required
Can the group be split (if applicable): No these girls have always lived together and dote on each other

Other information: It’s so hard to believe that just 11 weeks ago Maddie and Jess were emaciated weighing just 9 and 10 kg and had lost their fur from the back end down, their claws were over grown and they were just in a terrible run down state. No one wants to see dogs in this condition but especially when they are 14 years old, they should have been snuggled up on someone’s sofa with lots of love and cuddles and being fed chicken on a Sunday for a special treat, instead these poor girls have had to endure endless months of starvation pain and suffering, not knowing when their next meal would arrive or when someone would come and see them, it was all very distressing and so unnecessary.

Thankfully just in time someone did come to their rescue and they were brought to the safety of EGLR where they received the vet care they so desperately needed,

We are happy to say Maddie and Jess have made a full and amazing recovery they have doubled their weight to 20 kgs each, their coats have grown back, they are completely unrecognisable from the dogs that first came into the rescue. :hearts:
We are now in a position to find them the most fabulous home we can, although they are 14 years old they are still very much full of life, we think they are making up for lost time, they are completely devoted to each other to the point where you can’t separate them even for a few minutes without the other one getting upset. They both love their cuddles and kisses from their foster mom, they are brilliant with other dogs and still enjoy a good play when the mood takes them..
They are both fully house-trained and can be left for a few hours. Jess loves toys and likes carrying them round in her mouth, she has her very own blankie and Maddie likes tennis balls, they both go mad for the water hose biting, jumping in the air and grabbing the water, if you didn't know their age you wouldn’t put them at 14. Maddie has a heart murmur but this does not seem to be impacting on her well being

If you feel you can offer these girls a home together then please contact Pip on 01386 853971

This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: Maddie and Jess.

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