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This is Simba who is a male Bulldog type cross of 2 yrs, ok with sensible kids & dogs

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Kathy Townsend wrote on Rescue Helpers Unite's wall:


This is Simba who is a male Bulldog type cross of 2 years. He is a medium sized dog and could live with sensible teenage children.

Simba is calm in the house, he is cage trained, is quiet at night, sleeps downstairs and is not allowed on the furniture. He shows no food aggression to either humans or other dogs and is fully house trained. He does not chew things, or take things from counters or bins and can be left for up to 4 hours without any problems.

He is quiet in the garden and likes to sit and watch the time go by, especially in the sun. He travels well and will sit and wait before getting out and into the vehicle.

Simba has previously lived with other dogs and is currently living with two dogs (one male, one female), with no issues, but he would need slow introductions to begin with. We feel that he would probably prefer to live with a calmer dog.

He is currently in foster care, where his anxieties towards other dogs whilst on his walks is being worked with. He is a strong boy and will pull on a lead initially when he goes out but improves as the walk progresses. He will walk to heel using a harness and a head collar both attached to a double ended lead and he is improving greatly with long lead exercise with the help of a special harness. Ongoing support will be given to his new owners, by his foster carer, if needed.

He would need a new owner who is experienced and confident with dogs and who would be happy to continue with his positive based training. We feel he would be more relaxed in a more rural home environment with a reasonably large fenced garden.

Simba is a very loving, sensitive and obedient dog and has a lot to give to the right home. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and is with On The Way Home Dog Rescue. He is in foster in the Hebden Bridge area of West Yorkshire.

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Group wall post by Kathy Townsend | 31st May 2016 23:33

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