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3 yr old GSD Odin, lovely but needs experienced owner to show how good life can be!

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UK German Shepherd Rescue

This gorgeous boy is 3 yr old Odin, who was left at a pub when a new landlady took over.

Odin had spent his entire 2 1/2 yrs of life in a shed at the bottom of the yard. He was in an awful mess stinking, matted coat, malnourished , never even given any fresh water, he just used to drink rain water that collected in an old tyre, and hardly ever fed.

When the new landlady moved in, she took Odin in, fed him, cleaned him up & tried to get him & her little male terrier to be friends, sadly her male terrier is having none of it, so Odin is now in our care.

Odin is entire, has just been vaccinated and microchipped.

He has had very little contact with children, so a child free home or older children if at all. Odin was great with our assessors, but does have a tendency to become over protective with his owner- he has never had anything of his own, so he wants to protect and keep what he does now get.

He is a little wary of men- but is being handled regularly in kennels by men, so is overcoming this.

Odin is fine with other dogs- and ignores them mostly on walks. He loves being out and about, a bit of freedom is heaven for him. He walks ok on the lead, recall not tested.

Not known how he is with cats.

Odin is clean in the house, travels well in the car, and is an all round lovely natured dog considering his first 3 yrs of life!

Odin needs an experienced owner to keep a check on his protectiveness, and to show him how good life can be in a secure, safe home.

Odin is currently in kennels in Leeds, Yorkshire.

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