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Cody Patterdale Terrier DOB 10.2005 SW8 Foster

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Homing Requirements: Cody needs a terrier-aware family where his safety comes first. He needs to be retained on an extender lead for exercise. Cody has an intensive Patti mindset so he can empty the water bowl once he starts drinking; whilst he has no health issue, this can affect his housetraining so he has shallow drinking water access. Cody also has 'a thing' about brooms and should not have access to them, as he attaches himself. Cody has excellent dog skills and would ideally like to live with another dog/s as he always has. Exit management and a secure, terrier proof garden are required, as with any terrier. Cody cannot cope with kennels and his owners must only use this option as a last resort.

His Story: Cody grew up with another Patterdale but the resident dog didn't accept Cody as he reached adulthood. He came into TerrierRescue as a one year old and was homed. Sadly, Cody lost his home due to a baby's arrival and a marriage break-up. Cody was homed again but his terrier traits were not accepted by a son whose very young children spend a lot of time with Cody's owner. Cody is neutered, chipped and vax'd. He is in foster with a multi-terrier family in Central London.

Advert: Cody is a sweet dog who has had several homes, through no fault of his own. He has lived wIth older children and an elderly greyhound. Cody is always walked on an extender lead, and can be left. He is housetrained but attention is needed to prevent his access to too much water. Cody also walks on tables... some terriers do! He loves the car and loves to travel but needs securing. Cody could live in an urban or rural area.

Cody is a small, smooth haired Patterdale who is just nine years old. He is an absolute joy to own. He has always been dog-fluent, is used to living with another, and is an easy mixer. Gentle and caring: this pretty well sums up Cody. Cody so needs to be loved for his foibles and admired for his many gifts. He is a great, loving and social terrier.

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Please visit Cody's thread on our forum to find out whether he is still available. For full details and daily updates on all our dogs available for homing, click our forum link.http://rescueremediesdogrescue.co.uk...hp?f=11&t=1478

Cody is also featured on http://www.terrierrescue.co.uk.

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This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: Cody Patterdale Terrier DOB 10.2005 SW8 Foster.

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