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Kiki Whippet x Staffie DOB 2010 Gatwick Kennels

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Kiki needs a supportive family to offer time and tolerance to allow their new dog to settle. Kiki is good meeting dogs generally but can get perturbed without warning so has learnt to walk on muzzle and she is easily managed but of course this will restrict her homability but then she needs a responsible family who recognise walking is a very small % of dog ownership and after all Kiki is brilliant in the house, garden and with people. Only pet status. NB Our Rescue asks owners to maintain dogs on lead in public spaces and manage encounters, as dog law changes place dog's lives at greater risk.



Known background: Kiki was abandoned at a vet reception in June 14, already chipped but previous owner unresponsive. Chip revealed name: Kiki Age: 2010 Chipped Feb 2012. We stepped forwards to offer a Rescue place and saved Kiki's life. Kiki is now spayed her and fully vaccinated. Kiki is in boarding kennels nr. Godstone

About Kiki: Kiki is gentle, reserved with strangers but Mrs Personality once she relaxes. She actually meets most dogs really well and is easy to walk in public however on rare occasions she has not tolerated an off lead dog bouncing over or passing by so she is now walked on a muzzle and all are able to relax and enjoy meeting dogs. Kiki is housetrained, getting used to relaxing in the car on journeys, and makes a big impact with people she meets. Gentle around children and loves to play fetch and loves carrying sticks. Very trainable, sitting at kerbs when asked, and responds to known commands. Kiki checks back to her handlers always.

Kiki is a beautiful copper tan & white ?Whippet x Staffie in her 4th year. Everybody loves Kiki she is soooo personable and volunteers make a bee-line to walk her and we have 3 separate families offering days and weekend out such is her popularity. Just her rare unpredicability with close encounters with dogs stops her finding her home: The lucky family who value her brilliance in the home will never look back. "Kiki..don't go breaking my heart!" as the song goes.

Visit Kiki's thread for daily updates, lots of pictures and videos.

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***PLEASE HELP: We have to ask for suggested min. donation £175 at the time of adoption, to support so many dogs in kennels. We have no state sponsorship and exist on the goodwill of the public and our supporters. Rescue Remedies offers their dogs back up for life.

This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: Kiki Whippet x Staffie DOB 2010 Gatwick Kennels.

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