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Tinks, 6 year old female Collie X Spaniel (Sprollie) – Stroud, Gloucestershire

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Tinks, 6 year old female Collie X Spaniel (Sprollie) - Stroud, Gloucestershire

Lovely Tinks is a Collie x Spaniel mix we think (Sprollie) and 6 years old now. She has been in the rescue system for over a year. She had a litter of puppies and has watched all of them get rehomed except one and she still waits for that special home. Tinks was recently fostered in a home and assessed and she excelled. Tinks quickly learnt to sofa surf and was on her fosterers bed at night. She likes her home comforts! In exchange she excelled herself, her behaviour in the home was excellent and she was clean in the house. She was taken out and about - she even went to a restaurant for tea and treats.

Tinks is what we knew all along *... a lovely friendly, kind and loving natured dog. She is good with people of all ages and other dogs. She has also been cat tested and is fine with them. She can pull a bit on the lead but some of that was because she was worried and this slowly improved. She is great on an extender lead.

The only thing that will need some work is the car - she is really terrified of the car, but once in her crate she was fine and settled down. She just needs to be picked up and put in. This will need further work, but she is a clever dog and once she learns to associate the car with nice things she will improve.

We cannot think of anything bad to say about Tinks. She is a very special dog, full of affection and kindness and will make someone a very loyal friend and companion.

Video of the lovely lass with Auntie Sharon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGCsTA8xMNM

Video of her taken at Easter time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSCzSF-vYfo

Tinks is spayed, micro chipped and fully vaccinated.

If you are interested in offering Tinks a home for life please email for our questionnaire in the first instance to: *starfishdogrescue@hotmail.co.uk

Please note that any potential home will be subject to home check.

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