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Dear Gracie, 13 week old puppy – Stroud, Gloucestershire

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Dear Gracie, 13 week old puppy – Stroud, Gloucestershire

Dear Gracie is *a terrier of some sort and is not going to be very big. She was dumped along with her brother Scooter in a garden. *This little baby is approx 13 weeks old now. She was lucky enough to find a foster place with her brother with the lovely Auntie Sue. Both were full of ticks and underweight when they first came in but they have thrived with lots of TLC. *They are both lovely little characters - they are so, so sweet that we call them the kids. *They are currently living with 6 other dogs and are now house trained. They also walk well on and off the lead.

Gracie is the more confident one of the two - not that either of them are hard work its just Scooter is the quieter character whereas Gracie is more outgoing and not scared of anything.

Sue has done a fantastic job with them both and they are very balanced well socialised little pups who are used to walking twice a day off the lead with their doggie friends.

We think they would both benefit from going to a home with other dogs. Both dogs are too young to neuter/spay so any potential owner will be expected as part of the adoption agreement to have them neutered when they are old enough.

Video of lovely babies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4UA9fud5Zc

Gracie will be fully vaccinated & chipped.

If you are interested in offering Gracie a home for life please email for our questionnaire in the first instance to: *starfishdogrescue@hotmail.co.uk

Please note that any potential home will be subject to home check.

This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: Dear Gracie, 13 week old puppy – Stroud, Gloucestershire.

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