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Special Home Needed for Special Boy

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Contact/organisation details: Twitchynoses
Does the animal have rescue back up?: Yes
Location: Bedfordshire
Number of groups: 1

Number of animals: 1
Type/Breed/Variety: Mixed hound type
Sex: Male
Age(s): 2 and half
Name(s): Nelson
Colours: Tan and white

Neutered: Yes
De-flea'ed: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes

Reason for rehoming: started showing aggression to young child in house
Temperament: Loving and affectionate with adults
Medical problems: neurological disorder means wobbly walk
Has the animal been assessed?: Yes
Transport available: Will be organised

Other information (optional):

We need a very special home for a very special dog. This is Nelson. We first saw this guy when he was a small wobbly puppy with a neurological disorder, in the Kazanlak shelter (Bulgaria). We do not know if he was thrown from a large height such as an apartment window or badly beaten with a bat or metal bar etc, but as a small puppy of just a few months old he was left with brain damage, making it hard for him to walk and co-ordinate his actions. He would often fall over and shake.

He was re-homed at around 7 months to a lovely family in the north of England. They loved him and his quirky ways and over time he learned to manage his disability and would not fall over so much and grew into a very handsome, loving dog.

Unfortunately a number of circumstances have transpired that means we are now searching for a new home for Nelson. As he grew up he would at times show some aggression towards young children (baring of teeth and growling), mainly because he was nervous of their unpredictable nature. He was always kept away from young children, except the couple's little girl, who he was always fine with.

But in the last few weeks he has started to growl and bare his teeth at the little girl, even when she is nowhere near him. A behaviourist has been consulted and in his opinion Nelson's recent behaviour could be for a number of things - it might be because of his earlier brain trauma, or it might be as the little girl is getting older and more independent, he is seeing her as a threat and being possessive over the lady of the house.

Nelson has also been through an unsettled time lately as the couple he was re-homed to split up and the lady moved in with her parents for a few months, and shared a house with their three dogs and Nelson. This put Nelson under more stress. He also does not get on with one of the terriers there (he is fine with the other and the Mastiff). The lady then moved into her own home and the change of environment caused Nelson more stress and he lost a lot of weight. He started to try and attack other dogs when out for a walk. Again work with the behaviourist did seem to ease this and the techniques taught appeared to be working and Nelson is now much calmer.

However due to the unpredictability of Nelson's behaviour with the little girl in the house we have been asked to try and fine him another home. He is a strong, healthy and intelligent boy. The family are devastated to have to rehome him but obviously have to think of the safety of the little girl.

We are looking for a home with no children under 16 and where he is either the only other pet or where the other dog is a large confident dog. The new owner also need to be aware of his dog on dog aggression at times but this is manageable. He currently wears a basket muzzle when out on a walk and when playing with other dogs he knows. He has been known to chase cats in the past. He also has a special lead to help with pulling as he is strong and the techniques learnt from the behaviourist will be passed on as well as the behaviourist's details. He can be let off the lead so long as no small dogs around and it is a small area. Because of his condition, if he runs around a lot and chases things he can injure himself. He has a wobbly walk and can fall over when he looses concentration, but this is rare.

He does not try and escape and can be left alone for periods in the house (although does chew shoes and the soft items).

He is not on any medication as there is nothing much that can be done and his wobbliness is much improved. All his vaccinations are up to date and he is neutered. He will now be around 2 and half years old.

He will also need a home where there is mostly carpets as because of his condition he finds tiles, wood and laminate too slippery and falls over.

Because of his condition other dogs can feel nervous around him because of his strange movements. He does get possessive of things like food and where he sleeps. Ideally a home in the countryside away from busy roads, dogs and children (he is very nervous of cars etc). A lot of things make him nervous as does change in environment so he cannot be put into kennels for example.

He is located in Bedfordshire, UK.

This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: Special Home Needed for Special Boy.

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