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Sadie – a lovely 2 year old rough coat Lurcher bitch – dog & cat friendly

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Sadie – a lovely 2 year old rough coat Lurcher bitch - dog & cat friendly

Lovely Sadie has quite a story and unfortunately she has come back into rescue through no fault of her own. We never thought we would be looking for another home for Sadie as we thought she was settled for the rest of her life but unfortunately this was not meant to be – it’s so sad. Sadie came over from Spain in January. She was fostered in Spain and living with over 20 dogs. She was found in a building yard so terrified that she had to be drugged to be caught and taken to safety. A very submissive soul she found it quite difficult sharing her space with over 20 dogs. We brought her over to UK where she stayed with one of our lovely experienced foster homes living with another dog - her foster home gave her the love patience she needed to grow in confidence so eventually we were able to look for her forever home. She came on leaps and bounds from the scared little girl who arrived - a very loving extremely affectionate dog she loved being part of a family. She got spoilt and used to sleep on the bed with Julie and her other dog curled up close - she learnt to enjoy her walks and explore the nearby fields and parks with her foster sister. With new people she could be a bit wary at first but if you gave her time she would soon come round. Julie's house is quite busy so she soon got used to the comings and goings. Soon it was time to look for her forever home which we found and where she has been for the last few months - here she has lived with 2 cats and another boy whippet with no problems. Her confidence has grown and she is now off the lead running around the fields and woods but we better add that she has ‘very selective hearing’ like most Sight Hounds and comes back when she is ready especially if there are rabbits, squirrels etc around - she never runs away but sometimes you do not need to be in a hurry!

Sadie, although very confident now with people she knows, would suit a quiet home that is not too busy as she is still unsure sometimes and shy of new people. She has no malice in her and easily could live either as an only dog or with other dogs as long as they are gentle and will not bully her - she is also fine with cats and has never been a problem with them, she is a very bright and cheeky girl full who is full of fun.

She is a stunning and very beautiful dog and it’s a great shame that we find ourselves looking for a forever home again for her but that is not her fault and she is now back with her UK fosterer, Auntie Julie, and foster sister Dixie and does not seem at all phrased by the move.

Sadie is fully vaccinated, spayed and had all her blood tests before she traveled to UK - there is a short video of when she arrived in UK back in January which give you a bit more idea of how she looks.

Video: Sadie - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYJrQFbUzdc

If you are interested in offering Sadie a home for life please email for our questionnaire in the first instance to: starfishdogrescue@hotmail.co.uk

Please note that any potential home will be subject to home check.

***PLEASE NOTE: This ad has been posted by Starfish Dog Rescue. We are a small organisation which rescues and rehomes dogs and other pets.

This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: Sadie – a lovely 2 year old rough coat Lurcher bitch – dog & cat friendly.

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