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Anatolian x Otterhound, 18 Months old, Female, Notts

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Contact/organisation details: RSDR
Does the animal have rescue back up?: Yes
Location: Nottingham
Number of groups:

(repeat the following for each group)

Number of animals: One dog
Type/Breed/Variety: Anatolian x Otterhound
Sex: Female
Age(s): 18 Months
Name(s): Lenka
Colours: Brindle

Neutered: Yes
De-flea'ed: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes

Reason for rehoming: Owner struggles to walk due to medical condition
Temperament: Typical anatolian! See below
Medical problems: None
Neutering - Where applicable, animals should be neutered unless for medical reasons. Can this be guaranteed?:

Will the group be split (if applicable):
Has the animal been assessed?:
Transport available:

Other information (optional):enka was born approx 14th November 2012, and weighs 30kgs. She is unlikely to weigh much more as an adult dog .She is fully house trained and had her boosters and worming tablets on March 14th 2014. Flea treatment up to date. One side of her parentage is Anatolian sheperd dog and she has the looks and a lot of the Anatolian traits. The other side of her parentage, is Otterhound mix.

Lenka is an independent soul who likes time to herself, she will take herself off and quite happily spend a couple of hours alone. She loves her walks and especially rooting around in the grass and marshy areas. She loves water but will only go in up to her shoulders, although has swum when she had to. She fluctuates between wandering about checking out every scent and charging around chasing other dog friends. Her play can be very boisterous at times. She is great walking on lead and rarely pulls unless she sees another dog/bird/wants to sniff. Off lead she wanders away and her recall still needs more work. She tends to ignore requests for her to return until she is ready! On investigating her breed it states that recall can be an issue because of the nomadic nature.

Lenka loves walking in woods and especially on the beach.
She shows affection in subtle ways, her ears go all soft as she saunters out to say hello. A lick is very special!

Lenka loves her food, she is currently fed a complete kibble of 80% meat, 20% fruit and veg, called Orijen, but has a sensitive tummy, it took 4-6 weeks to move her from one food to another. She loves a kong and spends hours trying to extract every morsel from it. Her favourite treat is cheese! She likes tennis balls but only chases a few times before resuming her wandering. She likes to play tug but is such a sweetheart she always gives up the battle. She likes to bury bones and rawhide after giving them a bit of a chew. Later she will go back and move them elsewhere!
Lenka enjoys being groomed for short periods but would let you rub her belly alllllllll day! She'll hug you so that you can get in the best position for a great belly rub. Lenka does not like being hugged or held close, she lets you know what she doesn't like with a wee growl.

Lenka is great with children although cautious with young children, taking herself off away from them. She is quite happy with the string of friends my teenager brings into the house, is always friendly and greets them as if she has known them forever.
Lenka is sensitive to noises, from a mobile phone to house alarms/thunder. She will generally bark. Some of these she is getting used to and in fact wasn't too bad with fireworks, barking only at the first one. She hates lorries/loud cars going past and hugs the wall/hedge until it passes. this has improved a bit over time as she used to completely freeze.
When it is time for food or walks Lenka comes and sits in front of me with a look that says, "I think you've forgotten something......." She will paw my leg at the same time.

Lenka is a quiet, humble big girl and she is a ' thinker', is very intelligent and a quick learner when she chooses to learn! She is highly intuitive, for example when my son came home from hospital after major surgery Lenka was so gentle toward him, checking his leg each morning for about 2 weeks (when the wound was well healed).

Lenka will need some training to improve her recall, and also she will lunge and bark at other dogs. I believe this behaviour relates to three things - Firstly a large labrador went for her and the lunging at dogs started after this so I would think is fear aggression. Secondly, she is highly protective of the 'pack' and will keep other dogs away if she thinks it necessary, or chase them off/warn them not to come near with barking. Lastly, I think some of this is territorial. There is a path that runs along the rim of the fields where we walk most regularly and Lenka will lunge at dogs on this path, also at times around the perimeter of the fields.

I do not think these are huge issues, and she also has many dog friends both new and ones she has known since her arrival in the UK, and in the right home, with the right person could be addressed relatively quickly. It pains me that I am not that person.

If you can offer this beautiful girl a loving home, please go to our adoption page at: http://www.streetdogrescue.com/readyforadoption.htm or email us at rsdrukadopt@gmail.com if you have any more questions for our UK Adoption Team.

This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: Anatolian x Otterhound, 18 Months old, Female, Notts.

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