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Toffee – 8-9 yrs – Yorkie – Hope Valley, Derbyshire

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By thedemonpigs

Contact/organisation details: TLDR
Does the animal have rescue back up?: Yes
Location: Hope Valley, Derbyshire
Type/Breed/Variety: Yorkie
Sex: Female
Age(s): 8 -9 years
Name(s): Toffee
Colours: Black & Tan

Neutered: Yes
De-flea’ed: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes

Reason for rehoming: Change in circumstances
Temperament: A delightful dog
Medical problems: None

Has the animal been assessed?: In foster home
Transport available: We ask that prospective owners visit the dog in the foster home unless there are exceptional circumstances.


Please read Toffee’s details carefully before deciding whether to submit an application. Applications which do not meet the criteria will not be contacted.

Toffee came to the rescue through no fault of her own, and we are looking for a home where she will be very much loved and valued as a member of the family. She has absolutely blossomed in foster care and now deserves her very own forever home with people of her own who are committed to her for life.

Toffee is a delightful lady of around 8-9 years of age. She came to us rather overweight, but a change to a healthier diet and regular exercise has seen her slim down nicely. She loves her food and treats though, so a new owner much be strong enough to not be won over by those gorgeous eyes, and know when to say “enough” 😉

Having arrived with a little warty lump and bad teeth Toffee has had all necessary veterinary treatment to remove the benign lump, and a dental, so she’s in tip top condition for her new home.

She has been sharing the foster home with a very young male dog and whilst Toffee will put him in his place when his play becomes too much, she has generally enjoyed his company and is learning to share dishes, toys and chews. However, Toffee is unsure about other dogs, so would be just as happy as an only dog in the home. We would therefore consider applications either as a solo dog, or where there is a placid, gentle older companion.

Outside of the foster home Toffee is unsure how to deal with unknown dogs. She is wary of them, and doesn’t really see a need to get to know them, but has been following her foster brother’s lead in this and makes an effort to be friendly. On meeting other dogs she will tolerate their interest to a point but isn’t interested in playing with them and will growl and snap when they outstay their welcome.

Having not been walked regularly previously Toffee absolutely adores her walks and is always first to the door when it’s time! She enjoys a car ride and copes well with quite long journeys as long as there is plenty of fresh air, and stops for water.

Toffee walks reasonably well on lead after the initial excitement has worn off. A short lead is best, a longer or extending lead allows her to pull more easily. She does know to heel and will do so if reminded. Once the excitement has died down she will walk nicely, and sit and wait at the roadside. Toffee has excellent recall and loves being off lead. She will run a fair distance if allowed, but has always returned on call. She really hates getting things wrong and loves to please so will work hard to do what you ask of her.

Toffee doesn’t seem overly excited by cats, giving a warning bark if one strays into the garden or is nearby, but not giving chase. If on the cat’s territory Toffee keeps out of their way. So a home with very dog savvy cats and an owner previously experienced in managing such introductions may be possible.

Toffee seems to enjoy the attention of children on walks, and from family members who have visited whilst in her foster home. She is nicely behaved around them and will happily allow children to take her toys, throw a ball for her, fuss and pet her. However she is easily unsettled by loud noises, high pitched shrieks or cries, sudden movements or unexpected happenings. She will remove herself from situations she is uncomfortable with. Toffee has shown herself to not really be a ‘lap dog’. She enjoys cuddles, but not being overly ‘loved’ and ‘fussed’ and prefers a quieter, calmer home. So for this reason, whilst we would be happy to home where there are occasional visiting children aged 10+, we would prefer a home without resident children.

Toffee has many of the typical terrier traits, and can be a little obsessive or possessive with her toys, but will happily give them up for an ‘exchange’, or if asked firmly. She has her favourite ‘hidey’ places and prefers to settle in a cosy covered space. She has some interesting quirks, preferring soft grass to gravelly paths, being nervous of fetching her ball from small dark spaces and seeming to only recently have encountered streams and the fun of paddling!

Toffee has been left completely alone for an hour, and whilst she clearly missed her foster brother’s company she was not distressed, so she could be left for short periods for shopping etc. She sleeps in her own bed, and only comes up onto the sofa by invitation.

She greets new people nicely, and will roll over for a belly rub. She charms everyone she meets! She knows some basic commands, enjoys a bath, blow dry and groom, and is not an excessive barker (only barking to alert you to the door, or the post).

Her foster Mum Marie has this to say about her: “This little lady is full of life but has clearly had some fearful times and needs a home that is relatively calm, with or without another dog. Ideally, she would be an only dog, but a gentle, tolerant and non possessive playmate would possibly help Toffee to continue overcoming her nervousness with other dogs.


A home as an only dog, or with a similarly aged, placid, gentle companion

No resident children, visiting children aged 10+ only.

Cats may be possible if owner is experienced with introductions

Someone at home most of the time (maximum left 2-3 hours).

Toffee is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated.

If you are interested in adopting Toffee please complete our online adoption form here:


and someone will give you a call as soon as possible.

Get updates or enquire about adoption: Toffee – 8-9 yrs – Yorkie – Hope Valley, Derbyshire

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