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Storm – 21 mth old Chihuahua male – March, Cambs.

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By thedemonpigs

Contact/organisation details: TLDR
Does the animal have rescue back up?: Yes
Location: March, Cambs
Type/Breed/Variety: Chihuahua Sex: Male
Age(s): 21 months
Name(s): Storm
Colours: White & Tan

Neutered: Yes
De-flea’ed: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes

Reason for rehoming: Jealousy issues in the home
Temperament: Full of character
Medical problems: None

Has the animal been assessed?: In foster home
Transport available: We ask that prospective owners visit the dog in the foster home unless there are exceptional circumstances.


Please read Storm’s details carefully before deciding whether to submit an application. Applications which do not meet the criteria will not be contacted.

Storm came to the rescue recently having developed jealousy issues in the home, and we are therefore looking for an experienced owner, aware of the Chihuahua personality, who will not baby a young dog but will treat Storm as a dog and encourage rules and interaction with the whole family.

Storm enjoys the company of other dogs and has gained much from his playmates in the foster home, so for this reason we would prefer to home where there is an existing playful dog or two, with good manners and confidence, but quite robust and able to tolerate Storm’s energy levels that would offer Storm an excellent role model.

Outside the home, as Chis tend to, he can be barky when meeting other dogs on walks, and this will need ongoing work. When on his own meeting a cat Storm does not seem overly interested, but in a group where the other dogs are keen, he tends to go with the flow and will bark and become excited. In a home where other dogs were disinterested in cats or small furries he would learn by their reactions, and we would consider a home where there were dog aware cats and an owner experienced in making these introductions.

In the previous home Storm was well behaved with visiting children, but had developed jealousy towards his owner’s son, and for this reason we will only consider homes where children are aged 10 years and over, are very dog aware and where the whole family will be actively involved in the care of Storm to ensure a bond is not formed to the exclusion or detriment of others.

Although Storm arrived with some toys, he has not shown much interest in them whilst in the foster home as he has found his foster doggy companions much more fun. He enjoys his food and treats and has been attending a local training class which he seems to be enjoying, although does not have many basic commands in place so ongoing training would be of benefit.

He travels well in a car, can be left for short periods in a crate and appears to settle easily, and is lead-walking has been improving well with regular walks. His recall at home has been good, but he has not been tested off lead outside of the home yet. He enjoys being groomed, albeit very wriggly!

Storm loves people, but like most little dogs is very vocal about this, so his foster Mum holds him back till he has calmed down and then allows him to greet new people more calmly. He is always pleased to see new people.

Life is still very exciting for Storm, everything is still very much as you’d expect from a youngster, and his foster Mum says he is 99% there with his house-training, but “he is like a child, he is having so much fun playing he can’t be bothered to go until it’s too late”. He has not had any accidents through the night and sleeps well on his little bed beside hers (although she says he’d love to sneak up onto hers ;)). She thinks he may also have been allowed to eat from human plates as he will try and sneak tidbits from your plate or a slurp from your cup if he gets the chance. He is a tad overweight too, but that is coming down nicely with all the extra play he’s getting with his doggy buddies.

Storm would love a home with an experienced Chi family, who know that whilst these may be little dogs, they have big doggy hearts and attitude and really need to be allowed to behave as dogs and not babies. He loves the garden, having doggy friends to play with, enjoys his walks and would benefit from further training. His foster Mum added: “He is a wonderful little dog that is bursting with character and he adores you straight away.”


A Chi experienced home with other playful, robust dogs

Dog savvy cats may be possible

Children aged 10+ only

No full-time working homes

A commitment to ongoing training

Storm is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated.

If you are interested in adopting Storm please complete our online adoption form here:


and someone will give you a call as soon as possible.

Get updates or enquire about adoption: Storm – 21 mth old Chihuahua male – March, Cambs.

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