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Marley, American Bulldog X, DOB 2012 – Godstone, Surrey

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By Rescue Remedies

Marley, American Bulldog X, DOB 2012 – Godstone, Surrey

Homing Requirements: Marley is young and needs a supportive family, who understand his bull breed traits. He will in time gain confidence being around children but currently it is best not for him not to live with children. Marley would benefit from a secure garden and exit management. Marley needs an active life style with dog savvy people to promote his confidence.

Video: Marley and me – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHWn0Ja_jHg
Video: Marley and me 2 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OramejH-zk
Video: Marley and me 3 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfI3bXdMh9E

His Story: Marley was found stray and supported by a vet nurse who having seen him go into the pound heard he had run out of time and he was kept in the vet surgery whilst we found a place for him. Marley was neutered and chipped. We will be completing vaccinations.

Advert: Marley is young, gifted and every colour but black! Marley is housetrained, loves to play with toys and is ready for short, long or indeterminate walks whenever they are offered. He struggles in the hype of kennels. He needs a respectful family, no pulling around but gentle cuddles and companionship in task. Loved by everyone who spends time with him and carrying a wealth of good wishes willing his family to come soon.

Marley is an American Bulldog with a white coat with rich colouring and mahogany brindle swirls! He is of quite small stature and about 1 year old now. Marley is a lad just starting out at the threshold of his life. He found himself without a supportive family and somehow through the power of human love he is making his way toward the family who will really care.

Please note that this dog is currently in boarding kennels and is also available for foster until a ‘forever’ home is found.

Please visit Marley’s thread on our forum: http://rescueremedies.myfastforum.or…526.php#113526 to find out if he is still available and for fuller details.

If you are interested in re-homing please complete our homing questionnaire: https://rescueremedies.wufoo.com/forms/r7x3s5/ so we can ensure our dogs are matched and will suit your circumstances/lifestyle.

For daily updates please visit our forum and you will find listed the full range of dogs that are available for homing – http://rescueremedies.myfastforum.org/index.php

***PLEASE NOTE: This ad has been posted by Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue. We are a registered charity (No. 1139407) and our work involves finding unwanted dogs their life long homes. We currently have approx. 80 dogs under our wing. We usually ask for a minimum donation of £150 at the time of adoption, for each dog, to help us continue helping homeless dogs***.

Get updates or enquire about adoption: Marley, American Bulldog X, DOB 2012 – Godstone, Surrey

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