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Kingsley, Parsons Jack Russell Terrier, DOB 2010 – Tunbridge Wells, Kent

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By Rescue Remedies

Kingsley, Parsons Jack Russell Terrier, DOB 2010 – Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Homing Requirements: Kingsley needs a terrier experienced home who can ensure he has a secure garden, exit management and that he is retained on an extender lead for the rest of his life outside as he has prey drive and has caught cats when in a loose first home. Kingsley also needs aware intros to other dogs and when managed well he relaxes and enjoys the company of other dogs inside and outside his homes. Kingsley could live with responsible older children. Not for cats or small furries and care around very small dogs.

His Story: Kingsley lived with a rough diamond and frequently got out of his home and was caught by aware public and return via the pound to his family. He was in poor health. The pound were disinclined to trust his owner again and this time he was found with a 9 month unsprayed Patterdale bitch who since has been homed: Both came into Terrierrescue. Kingsley has now been neutered, chipped and vax’d. Kingsley is foster in a multi dog household in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Advert: King of the Road … not anymore! From now on Kingsley will be safe and ensured care and support. Kingsley has learnt to smile in foster and enjoys good quality food which has made all the difference to his health.

Kingsley is a 3 year old rough-coated Parson’s Jack Russell whose coat condition was terrible on being found and is still thin and in recuperation. Kingsley has been worked and he has not had careful training so does see cats a fair prey. He needs exercise on an extender lead at all times and awareness around street ref cats in hedges or under cars. Kingsley is learning to enjoy walks with a different purpose and is meeting most dogs well when supported.

Please visit Kingsley’s thread on our forum: Rescue Remedies.myfastforum.org :: Kingsley PJRT DOB 2010 Tunbridge Wells Foster to find out if he is still available and for fuller details.

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