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Henry ~ Sweet, Loving and Loyal – 3yo Black Lurcher

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**UPDATED: 16th FEBURUARY 2013**

Location: Foster home in Suffolk, UK.
Key Points: Very affectionate with his people, gentle, house savvy, excellent with all other dogs, good with kids.

Henry is a beautiful black lurcher boy who is just 3 years old. Henry had a tough start to life and was found straying in bad condition in Ireland. Now, however, Henry is a beautiful shiny boy whose sleek black coat is a beacon of health. He is a medium sized lurcher and has a lovely strong but elegant build. Henry also has the most stunning bright amber eyes that really contrast against his black coat.

~ Personality ~
Generally: Very cuddly, affectionate, sociable, non-confrontational.
Henry has had a harsh introduction to life but he is working hard on getting over this hump. He isn’t in your face about asking for attention, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t loving. Henry is extremely loyal and affectionate with ‘his’ people, and is sure to make a fantastic best friend once that bond is formed. He is extremely gentle, and loves to sidle up to you and rest his head on your knee. Once he knows you, he is very affectionate and is getting moreso by the day with his current fosterers. Now he loves getting cuddles infront of the telly. He is always happy to meet other dogs and be petted by people. In short, it may take this boy a bit longer to get to know you, but if you give him that time you are rewarded with a beautifully loyal, lifelong friend.

~ In the Home ~
Generally: Housetrained, bit destructive when bored, loves having other dogs.
Henry has been in his foster home for 10 weeks and is very settled. He is fully housetrained and savvy with the usual house rules. He doesn’t counter-surf, bark or jump on people. He has been very calm and gentle around his foster parent’s grandchildren. Henry has a lovely playful side that has shown itself once he settled more and learned to relax. He loves playing with balls and squeaky toys. He even knows one or two tricks now, and will gladly perform for his treats!

Henry shares his foster home with a young, exuberant springer spaniel and is excellent with her, very patient and gentle at all times. He has now developed a wee cheeky side that leads him to steal the occasional shoe, and he especially likes taking clothes out of the washing basket! This stealing can result in some destructive chewing when his foster parents leave for a period of time, though we expect this to be due to boredom rather than anxiety. His foster parents are working with him on this to teach him to only play with his toys when left to his own devices.

~ Other Animals ~
Generally: Excellent dog socialisation skills, very amiable, not cat friendly.
Henry is very good with other dogs and has never caused any trouble. He is very dog orientated and skilled in dealing with other canines regardless of temperament, size, breed or gender. If told off he talks it politely and doesn’t tend to retaliate. When offlead, Henry will bounce up to the other dog to say hi, sniff politely, then walk away. If the other dog wants to play Henry is more than happy to oblige! If he sees an interesting dog in the distance, Henry will sprint right up to them before turning on the brakes and then sniffy them politely and calmly, its just worth noting as the initial sprint can cause the other dog’s owners to get a bit of a fright! There is no aggression in Henry at all and he only ever wants to just say hi and then be on his way.

Henry is not cat friendly and would not be suitable for a home where he had access to small furries or birds. He has been in kennels located right next to horses, donkeys and sheep and never bothered with any of them.

~ Out and About ~
Generally: Walks to heel except in busy traffic, travels good, great recall once bond formed.
Henry is a generally a good boy when out in the real world though very loud traffic can unnerve him and cause him to pull a bit. Apart from these situations, Henry walks well on the lead. He also travels very well in the car and is a pleasure to take with you.

Currently Henry gets a daily hour run/walk on the beach and is content with this level of activity. He has his foster sister at home to play with if he has any leftover steam. Once Henry has bonded with his new owners, he will be able to be let offlead in safe areas far away from public roads. Please note though that Henry does like to chase rabbits and cats, and even the occasional bird!

~ Where Am I? ~
Henry is currently in foster care in Suffolk. He can be homed anywhere in the UK, but please note that you may be required to travel to his foster home to meet and collect him.

~ Want To Adopt Me? ~
Henry is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, de-flea’d and wormed and a homecheck will be required as part of the adoption procedure.

If you are interested in adopting Henry, you can contact me (Tam) via email: tam@kerrygreyhounds.co.uk, or speak directly to Bronwen by phoning: 075 000 62648. Emails are usually replied to within 24 hrs.

There is an application form for adopting Henry, and we will ask you to fill it in as the first step in the adoption process. To speed up this process, we recommend you do this before emailing/calling. You can find the form, as well as further information on our homing procedures, on the Adoption Page: http://s300889640.websitehome.co.uk/uk/adoption.html.

Thank you.
KGUK Homing Volunteer


Kerry Greyhounds UK is a small voluntary organisation that is based in Norfolk, England. It focuses on rehoming unwanted Irish greyhounds and lurchers, as huge numbers are bred in Ireland each year and homes are few and far between. KGUK operates through a network of volunteers spaced over Ireland and the UK. We can look after approximately 30 dogs at any one time in both kennels and foster homes.

Each dog is neutered, vaccinated, & microchipped before being adopted (unless stated otherwise).
We assess the suitability of all home offers, and we have homed greyhounds in all corners of the UK.

Our Website: http://www.kerrygreyhounds.co.uk

If interested in one of our hounds, please visit our website’s Adoption Page for information and instructions on our homing procedures. Once you have filled in and returned the application form, we will then contact you via phone or email to discuss adopting one of our hounds in more detail.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. I (Tam) can be contacted through the following email:
Email: tam@kerrygreyhounds.co.uk
Emails are usually replied to within 24hrs.

Thank you.
KGUK Homing Volunteer

Get updates or respond to this post here: Henry ~ Sweet, Loving and Loyal – 3yo Black Lurcher

Get updates or enquire about adoption: Henry ~ Sweet, Loving and Loyal – 3yo Black Lurcher

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