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Super friendly Visla x Ridgeback

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Contact/organisation details: Rottie Friends rescue
Does the animal have rescue back up?: yes
Location: Devon
Number of groups:

(repeat the following for each group)

Number of animals: 1
Type/Breed/Variety: Visla x Ridgeback
Sex: female
Age(s): 3
Name(s): Bella
Colours: Tan and white

Neutered: yes
De-flea'ed: yes
Wormed: yes
Vaccinated: yes

Reason for rehoming: Current owners cannot give her the level of exercise needed
Temperament: good
Medical problems: None
Neutering - Where applicable, animals should be neutered unless for medical reasons. Can this be guaranteed?:

Will the group be split (if applicable):
Has the animal been assessed?: Yes
Transport available:

Other: I am assisting with this private re homing as the owners are one of my training clients. Bella is a super friendly girl who lives with two other dogs and loves people. Bella was originally found tied to a lamppost in the pouring rain. Current owners have worked well with her general obedience however they do work full time and although Bella has a morning an evening walk every day and access to the garden via a dog flap this isnt enough for her (the dogs she lives with are older and ploddy) and more recently she took off on a walk in the woods and killed some chickens in a nearby garden. Owners were mortified and replaced the chickens and now dont let her off lead. Bella has natural high drive due to her breeds and she needs to be in a home where this can be chanelled and she has younger dogs she can run and play with. She is great with children and much loved by her owners but due to the hours they work and their lack of experience with active breeds they now feel they need to find her a better home.

This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: Super friendly Visla x Ridgeback.

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