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SMALL FURRY: 4 Male Multimammates- Bristol

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Contact/organisation details:
Mickelmarsh Mouse House, Bristol

Does the animal have rescue back up: Yes
Location: BS7, Bristol, Avon
Transport available: Fairly regular transport to Southampton and Exeter.

Number of animals: 4

Will the group be split: No
Sex: Male
Name(s): Kong, Mario, Link and Kirby
Colours: Kong is Tan+White. The other three boys are Agouti+White but easy to differentiate.
Neutered: No
Reason for rehoming: Owner became ill and unable to care for them.
Temperament: The boys are very gentle towards each other. It is a joy to watch them playing together and grooming one another. They can nip when frightened so need careful handling.
Medical problems: None apparent.
Other info: They would be best suited to an adult/ teenage home as they can jump quite a distance and are too fast for small hands.

This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: SMALL FURRY: 4 Male Multimammates- Bristol.

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