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Lucky Disabled Dog

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Contact/organisation details: GSRS
Does the animal have rescue back up?: Yes via Tim Dale
Location: ESSEX
Number of groups:

(repeat the following for each group)

Number of animals: 1
Type/Breed/Variety: GSD
Age(s): 2
Name(s): LUCKY
Colours: WHITE

Neutered: YES
De-flea'ed: TES
Wormed: YES
Vaccinated: YES

Medical problems: DISABLED
Neutering - Where applicable, animals should be neutered unless for medical reasons. Can this be guaranteed?:

Will the group be split (if applicable):
Has the animal been assessed?:
Transport available: YES

Other:Lucky is just under two years old and was rescued off the streets of Romania when he was a young puppy.
He had been in an accident which left him without the use of his back legs.
Lucky has his own set of wheels which he absolutely loves and lifetime support will be given on them.
He is also incontinent but this is quite easy to manage with help and advice that will be given to anyone that wants to give this lovely boy a forever home.
Please don't be put off by the above as Lucky isn't bothered and in reality , he's a dog that uses wheels instead of his back legs and in no way does this affect the amount of exercise , in fact Lucky needs lots of exercise as he has lots of energy to burn off, the same as any young dog.
He can mouth a little when he gets excited , again like young dogs tend to do and can be a little food possessive which are issues that can be sorted out and will probably improve once settled in to a home but he needs to be with someone that is experienced with this type of behavior and is willing give him the one to one attention that he desperately needs and craves. It would be advisable for him to be an only dog, at least to start with.
If you are interested in this energetic young lad , it is recommended that you go and visit him as he really does love a fuss and is currently in the Essex area.You can see him in his cart and will realise his disability does not affect him going out and having fun.
He has been in foster for too long now , so please consider this fluffy white bear if you are looking for a dog.

For any inquiries, please contact Gail Milligan

This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: Lucky Disabled Dog.

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