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Nelson – British Bulldog x SBT

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Contact/organisation details: Northern Rose Boxer Rescue
Does the animal have rescue back up?: Yes
Location: Rotherham
Number of groups:

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Number of animals: 1
Type/Breed/Variety: British Bulldog x SBT
Sex: Male
Age(s): 2
Name(s): Nelson
Colours: White with brindle patches


Reason for rehoming: From Pound
Temperament: Very good
Medical problems:
Neutering - Where applicable, animals should be neutered unless for medical reasons. Can this be guaranteed?: Condition of Adoption Contract

Will the group be split (if applicable):
Has the animal been assessed?: Yes
Transport available: No


Nelson is in a foster home and here are some updates:
Nelson is a 2 year old, British Bulldog x Stafforshire Bull Terrier (by the look of him), its difficult to be 100% sure as he was saved from the pound, he is - I'd say a good 50 / 50 mix of the two, the Staffy in him means he has none of the health issues often associated with British Bulldogs and the Bulldog shines through with him having so much Bulldog spirit and personality. Nelson is approximately knee high and 28 - 30 kg, To look at Nelson he is somewhat reminiscent of a mini polar bear, he is just as gorgeous and loveable and so cuddley and his chunky body and little legs with his big head - we think he is fab, everyone who meets him just loves him instantly. puppy..;;

Nelson came to NRBR in December 2011 when he was saved from being put to sleep at the pound where he had spent his time waiting for his owner to claim him, unfortunately they didnt come forward and his day had come, .... had NRBR not saved his life and taken him into their care despite him not being a boxer dog then Nelson would not be here with us today. cry;';'

Nelson has been a firm favourite with the kennel staff at Jaycliffe since his arrival, he is always so happy to see you, he always ran to the front of his kennel to greet who ever was going past in the hope that he might get a fuss or a cuddle or a treat, Nelson was never any trouble in kennels, he is a happy, friendly, loving and out going fella and he is good on a lead (he does usually have a harness on or a slip lead as a collar can come off with him having a chunky neck). Nelson loves playing with other dogs and with any visiting children, its difficult not to become attached to rescues who spend a long time in kennels but Nelson is one of those softies that really gets you.

Nelson came to kennels with a sore on his neck which he has had from when he was collected from the pound, initially it was assumed that because his neck is thick he had most likely had a collar on far too tight and he had sores on his neck where the collar had trapped his skin, unfortunately his skin became progressively worse and that is why he hasnt had many updates, Nelson visited the vet to find out what was going on and has had skin scrapings taken, this revealed that he had Demodectic Mange and a secondary infection of his skin. - Many people will gasp and panic at the word mange but this is really not necessary and there is plent of information available on the internet to explain why - http://www.marvistavet.com/html/demodectic_mange.html - is just one site offering information.

After diagnosis Nelson came straight home with me and my 3 dogs plus our visitors all have dogs of their own, Nelson has been on a treatment plan and on medication - which is expensive to treat his condition and he will be given the all clear before he goes to any potential new homes. - if i had any concerns for my own dogs i would definately not have brought him home and he would have had to go to isolation to stop anything contagious spreading but he is perfectly safe to other healthy dogs.

When Nelson first came home with me his skin was very sore and he was suffering from quite alot of fur loss in patches on his neck and over his shoulders and also starting on his feet and elbows... as you can see from his pictures below...

April 11
Nelson has been no trouble at all since i brought him home, he travels fantastically in the boot of the car and has been allover the place with us, Nelson is good when loose in the house with our dogs during the day and i have 2 crossbreed Bulldogs myself and an American Bulldog, he loves to play with all three - we have a regular visitor Cavi who is 10 years old and he is so good with all our dogs and even knows to be more gentle with the old lady Cavi.

Nelson is clean in the house, he is very good with his food and muches his Chappie complete biscuits straight up, he even eats his antibiotic tablet straight out of the bowl lol, Nelson is good with treats and knows his basic commands, he is happy and giddy as any young dog is - especially any Bulldog cross lol, Nelson is happy to sleep in a crate at night time, he is good out of the house and really enjoys his walks, his recall is pretty good especially if you have a few treats in your pocket clap;';'

Further update:
Nelson is about 1 month into his treatment and already i can see a big difference in his skin, he has been having weekly baths in a special shampoo from America to help treat his condition and he is on a monthly dose of Advocate Spot on solution which he will need to continue with until his 6 month pack runs out.

Nelson is making good improvement and i can really see the difference in his skin already, it doesnt affect his personality and he is always good fun, he loves to run and play and likes it when he gets to come with me to work and have the run of the kennels with all our dogs .

Nelson has a little way to go yet but he goes back to the vet for more skin scrapes around 23/4 to see how he is going on.

I have no concerns over Nelson being around my dogs or friends and family's dogs as i know a fit healthy dog cannot develop mange as Nelson has - which just goes to show the poor conditions this poor boy must have been in before he was saved by NRBR and thankfully there are rescues like NRBR who are looking after the dogs they save and treating poorly dogs until they are back to health so they can be safely rehomed.

Nelson is like any dog and he loves people, he loves children and we have met a few on our walks - they always ask what happened to his neck - bless and he loves them and is so gentle and well behaved - i know when Gail and her son Frankie came to kennels he had a fab time playing with them.

Further update:
Nelson went to the vets today to have his skin scrapes, while we were waiting for our appointment we met some 8 week old standard poodles in for a health check - 10 in all and they were so cute and little, I was so proud of Nelson, he was very good and even though he sat on the seat next to me rather than on the floor he was a total gent and didnt run over bouncing on the crate with the pups in or anything.

Nelson is improving every day, his mite count has gone down massively and while he has more than a normal dog the vet says she thinks he is ready to go to his new home as long as the new owner will have him skin scraped in 6 weeks to confirm that he is healed up, they will need to continue with his Advocate drop on which i have for him here already for 6 months.
the vet was really impressed with how well he has done.

I intended to take some pictures but where the scrapes were taken he has small red sores from the skin being scratched to get the slides to test and i decided i will wait until tomorrow.

Nelson is still a fab house dog, he is a cheeky monkey though if you are firm with him he is SO well behaved, he has obviously lived in a home before as he loves to hop onto the sofa and chill out on the beanbag when he gets a chance, however if i tell him off - it takes a couple of times but he is a fast learner and quickly responds to whatever it is i want him to do. Nelson is clean in the house, he has not been destructive in the house but has chewed a few of the dog toys in the house - which is what they are for so thats fine lol.

Nelson is a fun, loving, affectionate dog, he is a good looking dog and has a fantastic nature. What more could anyone ask for?

Nels is clean in the house, not destructive, he loves his toys and treats and he is great out on a walk

Nelson's skin is still improving but will still take a bit of time to heal completely and his fur grow back, He is just waiting for a forever family who can give him the time and love to help him on his way. His condition in no way affects his personality and only makes us love his huge heart all the more xxx

Nels is clean in the house, not destructive, he loves his toys and treats and he is great out on a walk

Nelson's skin is still improving but will still take a bit of time to heal completely and his fur grow back, He is just waiting for a forever family who can give him the time and love to help him on his way. His condition in no way affects his personality and only makes us love his huge heart all the more xxx

This is a syndicated post. Read the original here: Nelson – British Bulldog x SBT.

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