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Holly – 9 mth Pug X Westie – West Midlands

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Contact/organisation details: The Little Dog Rescue
Does the animal have rescue back up?: Yes
Location: West Midlands
Number of groups: 1

Number of animals: 1
Sex: Female
Age(s): 9 months
Name(s): Holly
Colours: Fawn and black

Neutered: Yes
De-flea’ed: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes

Reason for rehoming: Holly came to TLDR from a private home situation
Temperament: Lively, playful, friendly
Medical problems: None
Neutering – Where applicable, animals should be neutered unless for medical reasons. Can this be guaranteed?: Yes

Has the animal been assessed?: Yes in a foster home situation
Transport available: We ask that prospective new owners meet the dog in the foster home wherever possible


Holly is good with people, dogs, cats and she loves food and toys, which makes it much easier for training. Holly travels well but is also good when left for short periods.

She is good on-lead, although she can wrap herself around your legs, and her recall is also good. She is also fine whilst being groomed.

She is not 100% housetrained yet but that will come with perseverance.

Holly is young, playful and loving and would probably love a little friend to live with. She would also probably benefit from training classes as she is so young, just to round off her education and socialisation.

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